Episode 007

October 19, 2017

007 | Obsession: Establishing a Culture of High-Performance

- Tabb Firchau, Freefly

We were honored to have the great Tabb Firchau, Co-Founder and CEO at Freefly, on the Podcast. Tabb and Freefly have a passion for being first and pushing innovation, technology, and basically everything, to the limit. Listen in to hear tips and tricks on forging a high-performance team culture, the paramount importance of personal health, and what to do when everything goes wrong.

Tabb’s obsession with unique perspectives started at an early age. The child of an ‘aviation’ family, he spent his formative years in a car seat flying with his dad in a Hughes 500C helicopter. These early experiences shaped his outlook on both imagery and entrepreneurship. After graduating from the University of Washington, he started his first business at the age of 22. A serial entrepreneur, Tabb has set the pace in the drone and aerial cinematography industry. Tabb pioneered the technology behind immersive 360 degree aerial panoramas with his first business, AerialPan Imaging. After a successful exit, he tackled the Aerial Cinematography industry with his new venture, Freefly Cinema. Freefly Cinema quickly became the industry standard for aerial photography, and its work can be seen on a huge range of media created in the last decade, from NatGeo to Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. To build the technology that powered Freefly Cinema’s dominance in the industry, Tabb brought together the brightest minds in the industry. This team powered the next exciting venture, Freefly Systems. Freefly Systems is the culmination of Tabb’s ten year quest to master the art and technology of camera movement systems. At Freefly Systems, Tabb is focused on product and innovation. While his title is CEO, on a daily basis he acts as Freefly’s Chief Experimenter.

Check out their amazing products at www.freeflysystems.com and keep an eye out for a new product launching this December! You can also tune in to their podcast: Every Axis! from their website at everyaxis.com.

And make sure to follow them on Instagram at @freeflysystems

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