Episode 006

September 27, 2017

006 | Building Efficiency On Set

- Pat Blewitt, Inovativ

We had the unique privilege to chat with Pat Blewett the founder of INOVATIV, an All-American cinematic solutions company, who knows the value of having the right gear. In this episode, Pat shares the trials-and-tribulations of building (literally) game-changing products from the ground up. Keep an ear out for real gems about the recipes for success, overcoming adversity, and most of all patience.

INOVATIV was founded in November 2010 by Patrick Blewett a seasoned film professional, and legendary mountain bike builder Brent Foes. However it wasn’t until 2013 that INOVATIV as it operates today really began to take shape. It began in 2005. Patrick had created a digital capture company called Ambient Digital, or Ambient as it was often called. Ambient catered to high-end advertising photographers who were making the switch from film to digital and needed guidance and technical know-how to properly execute each project. Ambient Digital’s technicians would manage the digital content that was being created on a daily basis. It was from years of working on-set that INOVATIV was first conceived. Patrick needed to have a far better on-set and mobile work station for his technicians that at the time was not offered in the market place. In January of 2010, Patrick offically created INOVATIV based on his company’s needs for a better on-set mobile system. In February 2010, Patrick met with legendary mountain bike builder Brent Foes to bring his ideas to reality.

INOVATIV is located about 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the city Irwindale, CA. Understanding the needs of the industry is what made INOVATIV what it is today. INOVATIV innovates, designs and builds the very best professional equipment cart and mobile workstation solutions in the marketplace. Our products are now being used around the clock and around the world by working professionals. Our Scout, Echo, and Ranger equipment carts continue to set the benchmark for innovative, practical design; high quality construction and durability.

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