Episode 005

August 31, 2017

005 | Disrupting What You Think Is Normal

- Cody Dulock, Filmsupply

Cody Dulock, Director of Content at Film Supply, discusses what’s at stake – cultivating relationships, stewarding content, curating a portfolio. He sheds light on the ways he and his team aim to constantly push through to the next level – valuing innovation and disrupting what’s “normal.” He also discusses the importance of not getting caught up in the minutia, the power of passion projects, how to make better films, and why you should only present your best work.

Check out their promo here https://vimeo.com/137878878.

If you haven’t already signed up for their Film + Music Conference, check it out here: Film + Music Conference – https://www.filmandmusic.com. Check out “Filmsupply Presents” at https://www.filmsupply.com/presents.

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